Arlo Guthrie
Madison IL (St Louis)
1981-08-27 (late show)

Lineage: Sony "Slimline" cassette recorder with built-in mic--->Maxell UD Cassette-->Nakamichi CR-7 with azimuth adjusted for optimal playback-->Olympus LS-10 flash recorder-->.wav-->Audacity for volume adjustment and tracking-->TLH-->flacs

Stages was a small, rough club in Madison, just outside of East St. Louis, in the middle of steel mills, railroad yards, and slaughterhouses. At one point you can hear where someone spills a beer in my girlfriend's hair. The sound on this is rough and I wouldn't post it except for the fact that this was the night that Lee Hays died and Arlo talks about Lee during "Amazing Grace." I've seen Arlo a LOT over the years and this is the most heartfelt performance I've heard him give. There were two shows that night; this is the late show.

01 Slow Boat (cut)
02 Living Like A Legend
03 Garden Song
04 If We Have Faith
05 Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
06 St. Louis Tickle
07 Agent Tendencies rap
08 Coming Into Los Angeles
09 Last Train
10 Amazing Grace
11 Will The Circle Be Unbroken
12 Stealin'
13 Can't Help Falling In Love
14 Hobo's Lullaby