Arlo Guthrie
July 21, 1982
Valley Forge Music Fair
Devon, PA

1 Let The World ???
2 Along a Country Road ???
3 Percy's Song
4 Blowin In The Wind
5 Range of Buffalo ???
6 1913 Massacre
7 In My Darkest Hour
8 Oh Mom
9 President Carter Rabbit Song (Tom Paxton)
10 arlo talks neutron bomb story
11 I'm Changing My Name To Chrysler (brief break fro tape flip)
12 City Of New Orleans
13 Blow These Winds ???
14 dog song ???
15 Mr. Tambourine Man
16 arlo talks
17 Alice's Restaurant
18 Coming Into Los Angeles
19 Amazing Grace
20 Will The circle Be Unbroken

source Nakamichi-300 -> Sony D5 first gen
recorded by Gary Hellman aka Conehead
There is a little bit of speed problem on first track from beginning of tape problem, otherwise very good sound.

any help with setlist appreciated