Arlo Guthrie
Pine Street Theatre
Portland, Oregon
2 November 1988

Soundboard > Maxell XLII > Nakamichi Dragon > Olympus LS-10 @ 24/48 > SoundForge 9 > TLH > 16/44.1 level 8 FLAC

First Set
01 "Band's got the blues" story
02 Keys to the Highway
03 Frieght Train
04 "20 Years of tuning" story
05 The Motorcycle Song
06 "The Rolling Blunder Review" story
07 Oh Mom
08 "They're all laughing at me" story
09 Coming Into LA
10 harp holder troubles
11 My Front Pages
12 Darkest Hour
13 "The UAW" story
14 I'm Changing My Name to Chrysler

Second Set
01 "Weird night"
02 Alice's Restaurant Massacre
03 City of New Orleans
04 "Songwriting" story
05 When a Soldier Makes it Home
06 "My movie career" story
07 Gabriel's Mother's Hiway Ballad # 16 Blues
08 This Land is Your Land
09 Amazing Grace
10 "Tuning bugs"
11 Highway in the Wind

Arlo Guthrie - solo

My friend recorded this as he was mixing house sound for Arlo this night. Several years later he added the master cassettes to my Archive. Last year I tranferd and mastered the recording.
Listen to the words of "When a Soldier Makes it Home". Age has just made this song more poignant and spooky.

I used SoundForge 9.0 to normalize the levels, remove the tape noise, and add tracking. Then saved to level 8 FLAC files at 16 bit / 44.100 hz.