Boston Commons

In Concert for Tiananmen Square

36 minutes:
1. Days Are Short (3:51)
2. City of New Orleans (4:07)
3. When A Soldier Makes It Home (8:44)
4. Highway In The Wind (5:35)
5. Massachusetts (3:41)
6. Amazing Grace (10:02)

Greetings -
here is a nice one for you from my master -
A short but sweet outdoor afternoon show by Arlo Guthrie -
In Concert for Tiananmen Square -
an afternoon rally at The Boston Commons -
some of the students from China were there to speak -
and Arlo was the featured entertainer -
from what I remember a very cold day in May
not a lot of people -
but there were a few mic stands up -
first they told us not to record -
and then the sound guy came over and asked who wanted to plug into the board -
all he asked was do not record the first song so he could get the levels correct -
so UNFORTUNATELY the first song -
Bob Dylan's When The Ship Comes In -
is not here -
and I do not think he ever got the levels correct -
it is a tad strong in the left speaker -
and sometime overmodulates -
but all in all it is sweet -
and Arlo was as charming as you would expect -
just Arlo with piano and guitar -
with great stories -