Arlo Guthrie
October 15, 1994
Barrymore Theater,
Madison, WI

master audience

Sonic Stdios DSM-6P mikes>Sony WMD-6C>1 Maxell MX-S 100 and1 Maxell MX-S 90 tapes, Dolby C

Lineage: master tape>cassette>Harmon Kardon TD 302, heads aligned to tape, Dolby C decoded>
Zoom h2 @16/44.1>WAV(Tracking via wavepad)>FLAC (level 8) & checksums via traderslittlehelper

Field recording an all mastering by arfarf.
No equalization or other sweetening of what I am
hoping is an accurate reflection of the master recording.
Analog to digital transfer 2011-11-30

--Disc One -61:30-
-Set 1-
01 Chillin' Of The Evening
02 -banter-
03 Comin' Into Los Angeles
04 Pretty Boy Floyd
05 -banter-
06 Ukelele Lady
07 -banter-
08 -tuning & banter>
Footprints In The Water(?)
09 In My Darkest Hour
10 -banter->
Mooses Came Walkin'
11 The Motorcycle Song
12 -banter-
13 Key To The Highway//
-Set 2-
14 Stealin'
15 -banter-
16 St. Louis Tickle

--Disc Two -74:42-
01 -banter-
02 Alice's Restuarant
03 -banter->
When A Soldier Makes It Home
04 -banter-
05 Wake Up Dead
-tape flip-
06 -tuning & banter->
Freight Train
07 City Of New Orleans
08 -banter-
09 This Land Is Your Land
-First Encore-
10 -applause & banter-
11 Highway In The Wind
-Second Encore-
12 -applause-
13 Amazing Grace

Notes: Disc 1 track 13 is cut at end to to tape running out.
Not much is missing, as by the time I flipped and restarted the tape,
he was already heading offstage for a set break.
Additionally, the tape was paused before each encore,
the resulting tape segments are joined at 00:18 of disc 2 track 10,
and at 00:33 of disc 2 track 12.