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Arlo Guthrie
Abe & sarah Guthrie

Hebron Ohio
Buckeye Music Center

May 27, 2000

Chilling Of The Evening
Coming Into Los Angeles
St. James Infirmary
Key To The Highway
Alice's Resturaunt
When A Soldier Makes It Home
City Of New Orleans
Slow Boat
The Motorcycle Song
House Of The Rising Son
Sailing Down My Golden River

Source: 24-channel stage split feed >
Yamaha 02R digital mixer a/d>
Alesis Masterlomk (HDD>CD)
Converson EAC>Wavelab (level collection and track splitting)>

Recorded / Mixed by Jon Simons

Comments: A studio mix, NOT a soundboard recording
this is an isolated mix done within a mobile recording studio
at Hookaville

Not from the audiance or Front of House board