<body text="#000000" bgcolor="#aaaaaa">Arlo Guthrie <br>11/11/2001 Sanders Theater; Cambridge, MA <br> <br>Location: Center Balcony, DFC. Microphones hung straight down spaced ~ 5'. <br>Source: AKG ck92 (omni)> SE300b> Tascam DA-P1> DAT @ 44.1kHz <br>Transfer: Master DAT> Tascam DA-20mkii> Macbook> Sound Studio [normalize, fades]> Flac. <br> <br>Taped [11/11/01] and transferred [12/25/08] by Noah Bickart <noahbickart@post.harvard.edu> <br> <br>All tracks are seamless, break it up as you wish. Arlo's rants are marked as separate tracks. I could use help with the track titles. <br> <br> <br>01 <br>02 <br>03 <br>04 <br>05 <br>06 <br>07 <br>08 <br>09 <br>10 <br>11 <br>12 <br>13 <br>14 <br>15 <br>16 <br>17 <br>18 <br>19 <br>20 <br>21 <br>22 <br>23 <br>24 <br>25 <br>26 <br>27 <br>28 <br>29 <br>30 <br>31 <br>32 <br>33