The Globe,
Cardiff, Wales, UK

4th February 2009

Taped from balcony 30' back, just off centre

Edirol HR-09 (internal mics at 16/44.1) > Cool Edit Pro 2 > CDWave >
TLH (Level 8 SBE aligned)

Recording and artwork by boombox


Disc 1 (Tracks 1-17):

1. Banter - Let Me Just Get This Together
2. Chilling Of The Evening
3. In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree
4. Banter - Old Stuff
5. Darkest Hour
6. St. James Infirmary Blues
7. Banter - Motorcycle Song Intro
8. Motorcycle Song
9. After Writing Songs Like That...
10. Halewia Farewell
11. Cornbread, Peas And Black Molasses
12. Key To The Highway
13. Banter - Memories Of Woodstock
14. Comin' Into Los Angeles
15. Green, Green Rocky Road
16. Banter - Elections & Laws
17. Pretty Boy Floyd

Disc 2 (Tracks 18-29):

1. Banter - My Dad's Birthday
2. When A Soldier Makes It Home
3. Banter - Disasters
4. In Times Like These
5. Tuning/Banter - The Search For Ledbelly's Grave
6. Alabama Bound
7. Tuning/Banter - Ramblin' Jack Elliot
8. Highway In The Wind
9. Tuning/Banter - My Dad Was A Writer
10. My Peace
11. Banter - Language Barrier
12. Goodnight Irene

boombox's notes may 2009:

Having chatted through much of Gareth Pearson's opening set, many
in the very vocal crowd continued to do so for Arlo. The venue is
also a standing one, so there is occasional mic rustling as I was
jostled by people pushing past. So thanks to my buddy for acting as
blocker for me and swapping places with me a few times between songs
to get me away from talkers and a persistent whistler. Oh, and no
thanks to the woman who got past him and shouted in my ear could she
have a copy of my photos as she had forgotten her camera!!

Mix was better for Arlo than the opening act; though all I've done is
to lower the volume on the applause and said whistler (no EQ added at
all), you may still wish to tweak the EQ levels on this when listening.
There are a few loud clappers nearby, but they don't detract too much -
Having normalised to 98%, there is a very slight amount of hiss
present - recording levels were set a bit low and I was only recording
at 16 bit/44.1. Since that show, I have taken to recording at 24/96,
which helps somewhat when post-processing - hey, we gotta learn
somewhere! I have my retained masters if anyone feels like remastering

That said, for my first stealth recording with the new Edirol and its
built-in mics, I am quite pleased with the result.

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