Arlo Guthrie
October 23, 2015
Pabst Theater,
Milwaukee, WI

Recording: Sonic Studios DSM-6P binaural Microphones > Zoom H2 @16/44.1

Lineage: SDHC card > PC > tracking, fades, volume adjustment with Audacity
flac level 8 and checksums with traderslittlehelper
Tagged with winamp
Field recording and all mastering by arfarf.

--Set 1--
--Sara Lee Guthrie with Arlo's band--
01 --Sara Lee banter-
02 Catch The Wind
03 Seven Sisters
04 Go Waggaloo
05 -Sara Lee banter-
06 If I Were A Carpenter
07 -Sara Lee banter-
08 See You Shine
09 I've Got To Know
10 Circle Of Souls
11 Motorcycle Song movie
--Arlo and band walk-on--
12 Chilling Of The Evening
13 -banter and band intros-
14 St. James Infirmary
15 -banter-
16 Me And My Goose
17 Pig Meat Papa
18 -woodstock banter-
19 Coming Into Los Angeles

--Set 2--
--Arlo Guthrie with band
01 Alice's Restaurant
02 -banter-
03 I Hear You Sing Again
04 City Of New Orleans
05 -banter-
06 Highway In The Wind
07 This Land Is Your Land
08 -applause and banter-
09 My Peace

Arlo Guthrie - guitar, keys, lead vocals
Abe Guthrie - keys
Bobby Sweet - lead guitar, fiddle
Terry Alaberry - drums, percussion
Darren Todd - bass
Sara Lee Guthrie - lead vocals on Set 1, tracks 01 - 10, backing vocals Set 2 tracks 07 - 09

Notes: As The Motorcycle Song movie plays on a screen at the back of the stage,
Sara Lee and the band leave. The band with Arlo return during the movie,
and play the end of The Motorcycle Song.
Illustrations from Me And My Goose are projected during that songs performance.
Portions of the Alice's Restaurant movie are also projected during that song.