Arlo Guthrie
Re:Generation Tour
Orpheum Theater, Flagstaff, AZ

Total time 101:34

1st set: 50:26
1. (Arlo - intro) 0:36
2. Sailing Down This Golden River 3:49
3. Green Green Rocky Road 2:18
4. (Arlo - set lists rap) 1:34
5. Deportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos) 3:40
6. In Times Like These 3:45
7. The Honey And The Dew 2:27
8. (Sarah Lee - rap) 1:27
9. Go Waggaloo 4:08
10. Catch The Wind (false start) 0:43
11. Catch The Wind 2:25
12. (Arlo - Donovan and Dylan rap) 2:14
13. Mr. Tambourine Man 4:29
14. (Arlo - can't sing blues when you're 13 rap) 2:08
15. It Hurts Me Too 3:19
16. (Arlo - Pete Seeger rap) 3:09
17. Midnight Special 2:57
18. (Arlo - Dylan songs rap) 2:25
19. The Times They Are A-Changin' 2:46

2nd set: 51:09
1. Shady Grove 3:20
2. (Sarah Lee - rap) 1:41
3. (not named yet)(Stay In Tune With Me) 2:23
4. If I Were A Star 3:46
5. Alice's Restaurant 17:24
6. When I'm Gone 4:11
7. I've Got To Know 2:56
8. City Of New Orleans 4:40
9. (Arlo - Lady Gaga rap) 1:16
10. This Land Is Your Land => 1:30
11. (Arlo - homework and Woody's last verse rap) => 1:48
12. This Land Is Your Land 1:07
13. (encore break and Woody rap) 1:26
14. My Peace 3:37

Nice, fun show, a real thrill when Arlo launched into Alice's. The
Alice's is 70 seconds shorter than the album, and the album is still
spot-on for the same length as the gap in the Nixon tapes. I recall
Arlo mentioning back in the 80's that Chip Carter revealed to Arlo
that the White House record library had a copy of the album (open)
when the Carters arrived. Probably a coincidence.

The big "clang" at 6:10 into Alice's was a clumsy bartender... but sort
of appropriate for that part of the story.

After the first Alice's audience sing-along, Arlo opined: "That seriously
sucked. If you want to change the world or do something you gotta sing
loud so you are worth being collected." With the second sing-along, Arlo
allows: "That's better." Thus, the show is collected here.

Recorded front row center of balcony. My first time recording from the
balcony, with observations:
- the house monitors tweeters beam, and high frequencies are down just a
little as compared to FOB;
- the balcony is direct line-of-sight (and sound) to the bar, with a
noisy refrigeration unit that comes across on the recording as an
occasional low buzz from the right side (NOT part of the sound system).
Back to the floor, for the next show at the Orpheum.

CoreSounds High-End Binaurals > Korg MR-2#2 (DSD 2.8MHz)
Korg > AudioGate 4.0.2 > WAV32float96 > Audacity 2.1.3 (gain, fades,
tracks) > WAV2496 > r8brain 1.9 > WAV1644 > TLH 2.7.0 (SBEfix,FLAC) >

Arlo Guthrie: guitar, vocals, banjo, keyboard, harmonica
Sarah Lee Guthrie: guitar, vocals, keyboard
Abe Guthrie: keyboard, backup vocals
Terry A La Berry: drums