Arlo Guthrie
Byron Bay Bluesfest, Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm, NSW, Australia

CA14cardioids>RolandR-05>24bit/48hz>sd card>harddisk>audacity to declick, inc levels, dec aud & some whistles, edit out some loud woos, whistles>cdwave editor track split &-->16bit/44.1hz>tlh flac level8.

01 The Motorcycle Story
02 Talk
03 My Front Pages
04 Talk
05 Ukulele Lady
06 Talk
07 Helluva Farewell
08 Talk/False Start
09 St James Infirmary
10 Alabama Bound
11 Talk
12 Gates of Eden
13 Ride Till The Morning Comes
14 Alice's Restaurant
15 Talk/Tuning
16 Coming Into Los Angeles
17 Band Intro/Talk
18 All Over The World
19 The City of New Orleans

Arlo Guthrie - guitar, vocals, keys
Steve Ide - guitar, vocals
Carol Ide - percussion, vocals
Terry Hall - drums
Abe Guthrie - keys, vocals

-No pre amp used (to make it easier to get the taping gear into & carry it around the festival)