Avery Fisher Hall, NYC
October 14, 1977

Source: Audience recording, made with a hand held, mono Sony cassette recorder, built-in electret condenser microphone. From a seat in the balcony. (Scan of ticket included).

Cassette tape > Denon CDR 1000 (component cd burner) > extracted from disc to iMac > Sound Studio (cut tracks, bring up spoken parts, compress audience, normalize) > XACT (FLAC)

By no means a great recording, my first ever attempt to record a concert. Distant sound, audience/room noise, stops and starts between some songs, tape flip.... but for all it's issues, I always liked this show and think it's a good representation of Arlo and Shenendoah at the time, great set list, with Shenandoah doing some songs of their own, and a great Reuben Clamzo!

Arlo and Shenandoah:
1. /Waiting for a Train
2. Ukelele Lady
3. Anytime
4. Tzena Tzena
5. Moses ->
6. Mary Don't You Weep
7. I've Just Seen A Face

Shenandoah's set: (any help with these is appreciated)
14. Uncle Jeff/Thank God I'm a Country Boy Medley

Arlo and Shenandoah:
15. second set
16. Grocery Blues
17. Pretty Boy Floyd
18. Victor Jara
19. 1913 Massacre
19a. > Woody*
19b. >1913 Massacre
20. Buffalo Skinners
21. Reuben Clamzo
22. Coming Into Los Angeles
23. Valley To Pray >
24. Amazing Grace
25. Oklahoma Hills
26. You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
27. Last Night (I Had The Strangest Dream)
28. Hobo's Lullaby

*There was a tape flip in the middle of 1913 Massacre, so i spliced in Woody Guthrie singing the missing part. Not sure where it comes from, but I figured Arlo wouldn't mind.