Arlo Guthrie with the Burns Sisters(Jeanie, Annie, and Marie)
The Gertrude Ford Center
University of Mississippi
Oxford, MS
March 9, 2009

This was the first time to see Arlo live and it was worth the price of admission. He is a true entertainer providing great songs and stories to back them up. At first I was disappointed he did not play Alice's Restuarant but in the end he more than made up for it with his wit and talent during the entire evening. I hope you can enjoy it as I did.

I do appologize for some slight mic rash at the beginning if each set. It passes quickly.

Lineage: 2 rows in front of the SBD, dead center: AM1's>CA ST20B>NJB3>Audacity(Normalize,envelope shaping)>CDWave(Tracking)>FLAC level 6>YOU

Set 1:

01 Chilling of the Evening
02 In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree
03 Darkest Hour
04 St. James Infirmary
05 Cornbread, Peas and Black Molasses
06 The Motorcycle Song
07 Halewia Farewell
08 Coming In To Los Angeles
09 Pretty Boy Floyd
10 Here's Looking At You
11 Alabama Bound

Set 2:

01 Evangalina
02 My Old Friend
03 When A Soldier Makes It Home
04 In Times Like These
05 I'm Gonna Ride
06 Everyday
07 The City of New Orleans
08 Lord, Hear This Prayer
09 This Land Is Your Land
10 (Encore)My Peace