The Arrogant Worms
Wednesday, March 14th, 2012
Art Space
1685 3rd Avenue,
Prince George, British Columbia, Canada

Taper: LeifH
Lineage: Shure 58 stage mics, semi-acoustic guitar and bass (effects pedals > direct input) > Yorkville snake and soundboard (house) > mix and EQ > RCA record outs > Sony PCM M10 @ 24bit/96kHz > Duracell 8GB microSD card
Transfer: Memory card > PC via USB > EQ in foobar2000 > Wavepad Master's Edition (tracking, edits, downsample to 16/44.1 > flac (8) via TLH

Set I: 43:41
00 introduction
01 We Are the Beaver
02 New Car Smell
03 Rocks and Trees
04 Big Box Store
05 Hollywood Girl
06 I Ran Away
07 Log In To You
08 I Am Cow
09 Go To Sleep Little Leech

Set II: 42:32
10 introduction
11 Carrot Juice is Murder
12 Canada's Really Big
13 Mime Abduction
14 Really Scary
15 I Am Not American
16 Uncle Lou
17 Mounted Animal Nature Trail
18 Celine Dion
19 The Last Saskatchewan Pirate

Chris Patterson - Bass, Vocals
Trevor Strong - Vocals
Mike McCormick - Guitar, Vocals

Show was 2 sets with an intermission in between. I missed the encore tune because I hadn't cleared off the memory on my recorder and SD card. This was the first time I saw them live and it was quite funny. They made fun of people for "woo-ing" and for arriving late. "I guess some tickets say 8:05." Some "man haters" were talking a lot and during the second set, I asked them to be quiet politely and they started talking louder. Although it wasn't picked up since this is a soundboard recording, the crowd was getting pissed, and the band took notice, forming a joke out of it. They left after getting made fun of and after the show we found a plastic mickey of cheap schnapps at their seats. The band hardly touched their food platter in the dressing room so we polished that off after the show.