This is a sparti request. A great collection of musicians with excellent
(or nearly excellent) sound quality. I'm pretty sure this hasn't been
shared on Dime before (correct me if I'm wrong on this). Enjoy!

Art Ensemble of Chicago
(with special guests Anthony Braxton & Frank Lowe)
unknown venue
New York, NY
September 14

I think this is a SBD. Sound quality is A/A-. A very good listen!

1. unknown title (45:46)*
2. unknown title (18:27)

*At 20:28 there is a jump in the tape. It appears that some music has been
lost, but it is hard to tell how much.

Lester Bowie - trumpet
Roscoe Mitchell - saxophones
Anthony Braxton - alto saxophone
Frank Lowe - tenor saxophone
Joseph Jarman - reeds
Malachi Favors - bass, percussion
Don Moye - percussion

*dozens of instruments get played in this show. I've given my best
approximations, but I can't be sure who is playing what in most cases.

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