Art Ensemble of Chicago
July 28 1977
master audience cassette > cdr (recorded and transferred transferred by orchiddoctor)
cdr > eac(secure mode) > peak pro 5.2(adjust volume, trim wave files) > flac(level 6) (tracked/edited by carville, no noise reduction)

total time 135:23

1st set 51:13
1 Reese and the Smooth Ones, Fanfare for the Warriors

2nd set 38:24
1 Nonaah, Dreaming of the Master (cuts off)

3rd set 45:45
1 Sing, Ericka (cuts off)

Roscoe Mitchell
Malachi Favors Maghostut
Joseph Jarman
Famoudou Don Moye

George Lewis - trombone

notes from orchiddoctor:
In the mid seventies, the Art Ensemble occasionally played runs at certain venues. For example, they played for two weeks at the Five Spot. In 1978, they played for five nights at Storyville, a recently opened club (named after the original Storyville). This space was more upscale than the Five Spot, and one could order dinner as well as drinks. I don't know how long the club lasted, but they did host several "avant garde" groups, including Sun Ra, who recorded "Unity" (Horo) there.

Noticeably absent on these dates is Lester Bowie who was in Nigeria with Fela Kuti at the time. The band temporarily replaced him with a young (and thin!) George Lewis.
It took Lewis a few sets to feel at ease, but after that he handled his chores just fine.

One amazing thing is that they played three sets per evening. I have only set 1 from the 26th (it appears to be the only set from that night in circulation, and I got it from a friend--I didn't get there until the 27th). I know that the 28th cuts just before Erika, but the solo that Roscoe plays (on the tape) is one of the best I ever heard. The 29th blew us away as there was a fourth set! However, neither my taping buddy nor I had any more tape. Shame. There was another Jarman story. But this is most of the run. Enjoy.