Art Ensemble of Chicago
October 5 1980
Davage Auditorium
Clark College
Atlanta, GA
master audience cassette > cdr (transferred by orchiddoctor)
cdr > eac(secure mode) > peak pro 5.2(adjust volume, trim wave files) > flac(level 6) (tracked/edited by carville, no noise reduction)

total time 108:58

set 1 47:38
1 ?, Tutankhamen, ?

set 2 61:19
1 Dreaming of the Masters, ?, Funky AECO

Lester Bowie
Malachi Favors Maghostut
Joseph Jarman
Roscoe Mitchell
Famoudou Don Moye

notes from orchiddoctor:
This Atlanta show was my last one. I had moved to Georgia the previous year. The NYC scene had fizzled, and I wanted to pursue a doctorate. I went with my brother--a total uninitiate--and a few friends, all of whose minds were blown. This show was actually a s sort of make up for the previous fall. The AEC was supposed to headline the first Atlanta Jazz Festival in Piedmont Park. Only Jarman and Moye could make it (as Egwu Anwu). More on that when we post the show. This was also my last recording of any group. End of an era for me, one that I'm reliving with glee.