Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
Bob Carr Auditorium
Orlando, FL
April 19, 1988

Stevie Ray Vaughan: guitar, vocals
Chris Layton: drums
Tommy Shannon: bass
Reese Wynans: keyboards


1.Scuttle Buttin' 4:07
2.Say What! 6:41
3.Love Struck Baby 3:18
4.Pride and Joy 5:00
5.You'll Be Mine 5:06
6.Texas Flood 8:57
7.Tell Me 3:45
8.Mary Had A Little Lamb 9:25
9.Look At Little Sister 4:32
10.Come On (PT.III) 4:16
11.Taxman 4:38
12.Superstition 4:42
13.Willie The Wimp 6:44
14.Cold Shot 5:00
15.Couldn't Stand the Weather 12:06
16.Life Without You 11:13
17.Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) 13:54

Filler: August 1st, 1984 Pier 84, New York, New York, U.S.A.
1.Texas Flood 11:14 (Complete)
This is from the 3rd gen version
I included this track for those who only downloaded the Master which has a cut version that is missing 3:17 seconds of this song.

Total Time: 123:53 B+ SOUND QUALITY A+ SHOW
Notes: Similar to the previous show, the Taxman is back! However, this time we have a SMOKIN' 14 MINUTE VOODOO CHILE SLIGHT RETURN instead of the Rude Mood/Love Struck Baby encore we had last time. Here we have yet another great show during a excellent period in 1988! This time period is a sweet mix of the early sober shows, the relaxed mood of the 88 shows mixed with the intensity of the 83-84 shows! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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