Art Garfunkel
Royal Festival Hall,
London, England

An Intimate Evening with Art Garfunkel Tour

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Set I

01 crowd
02 And So It Goes
03 April Come She Will
04 The Boxer
05 Perfect Moment
06 A Heart In New York/All I Know
07 A Poem On The Underground Wall
08 Scarborough Fair
09 The Side Of A Hill
10 Bright Eyes

Set II

01 crowd
02 "We didn't know"
03 Homeward Bound
04 Corcovado (Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars)
05 99 Miles From L.A.
06 Real Emotional Girl
07 For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her
08 The Sound of Silence
09 Kathy's Song
10 Bridge Over Troubled Water
11 ~~~encore break~~~


12 Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Art Garfunkel - vocals
Tab Laven - guitar


- I have made quite a number of level adjustments so that the spoken word and the music are more balanced in relation to each other.
- Very loud claps have been attenuated.


- In between songs, Art shared his thoughts and memories, and read some poetry and prose.
- Not one of my very best recordings, there are a few bumps here and there but this was an enchanting performance.
Art's voice was not back to it's full power but he coped well for most of the show.
- Tab Laven's playing was a revelation for me, I'd never heard of him before. A superb performance from him throughout the evening.

recorded, edited and mastered
May 2015