Art Garfunkel, Marseille-France, Le Silo, 11 february 2017, Kikki's aud recording

This is a splendid audience recording.
Kikki took care to set the levels low because the applauses volume (always the same problem with acoustic music).
I had to boost the music and talking parts and the transitions are audible sometimes; this is the only flaw here.

Recorded with "Soundman OKM II Studio Rock" microphones (actually including Sennheiser capsules) and Roland Edirol 09 recorder.
Received raw file - PC - Audacity (slight eq, volume adjustments, wav tracks) - FLAC 8 (TLH).

Setlist :

101 Intro
102 April Come She Will
103 Reading texts from his autobiography
104 The Boxer
105 Next song introduction
106 Real Emotional Girl
107 Reading texts from his autobiography
108 A Heart In New York / All I Know
109 Reading texts from his autobiography
110 A Poem On The Underground Wall
111 Scarborough Fair
112 Homeward Bound

201 Reading texts from his autobiography
202 Incident episode
203 Someone To Watch Over Me
204 Perfect Moment
205 The Side Of A Hill
206 For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her
207 Story
208 Bright Eyes
209 The Sound Of Silence
210 Kathy's Song
211 Story
212 Bridge Over Trouble Water
213 Crowd
214 Story
215 Now I Lay Me Down
216 Audience outro

Thanks again to Kikki who also provided the artwork, a previsional setlist photo from a previous show
plus a picture took by his friend Laurent.

Sample in comments.

On dime, april 2017.

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Images for this show:

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