Art Garfunkel
Chandler Center for the Arts
Chandler, Arizona
March 11, 2107

Church Audio CAFS > SP-SPSB-8 battery pack > Zoom H2 (48khz/24-bit) >
Adobe Audition (normalized 20 DB, convert to 44.1/16, split into tracks) > TLH flac level 8

Recorded from Row W

Total time Approx. 86 minutes

01 Introduction
02 April Come She Will
03 Reading
04 The Boxer
05 Perfect Moment
06 A Heart in New York
07 Jack Nicholson Reading
08 A Poem on the Underground Wall
09 Scarborough Fair
10 The Side of a Hill
11 Stage Life Reading
12 99 Miles From L.A.
13 Homeward Bound
14 Introduction
15 Let It Be Me
16 Reading
17 Read Emotional Girl
18 Authorship Reading
19 For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her
20 Reading and Heckler
21 Bright Eyes
22 Sound of Silence
23 Kathy's Song
24 Royal Albert Hall Reading
25 Bridge Over Troubled Water
26 Encore Break
27 Good Night My Love
28 Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

TAB LAVEN - acoustic guitar
CLIFF CARTER - piano, keyboard

This was a quiet show, and since I was recording from Row W, the levels were low and there is a bit of hiss.
I knocked the applause down by about 20 DB, without touching the music. Art interspersed poetrys/prose readings
from his upcoming book, and had to tell a noisy spectator to quiet down during one reading.