Arthur Blythe
November 4th, 2005
Canterbury House
Ann Arbor, MI

Band recording (A)

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Arthur Blythe
w/ the U of M Jazz Sextet

Arthur Blythe, alto saxophone
Ed Sarath, flugelhorn
Mark Kirschenmann, trumpet
Matt Endahl, piano
Nick Rosen, bass
Chad Hochberg, drums

1. As of Yet
2. Elaborations
3. We See (T. Monk)
4. Sister Daisy

Arthur Blythe
w/ the U of M Creative Arts Orchestra

Arthur Blythe, alto saxophone
Joey Dosik, alto saxophone*
Matthew Mulvaney, alto saxophone
Dan Puccio, soprano saxophone
Mark Kirschenmann, trumpet
Anna Draper, violin
Bethany Erhardt, cello
Hilary Owen, cello and flute
Mike Nickens, tuba
Eleanor Weigert, bass clarinet
Amy Bormet, piano
Matt Endahl, piano
Gary Prince, guitar
Josh Penman, melodica and voice
Andrew Kratzat, bass
Nick Rosen, bass*
Chad Hochberg, drums and percussion
Chuck Navyac, drums and percussion
Aaron Gold, drums and percussion

1. Lennox Ave. Breakdown
2. Faceless Woman
3. Central Avenue Sounds (J. Dosik)*
4. Improvisation



There are some skips in the music, but these are on the master copies, they are not digital in nature. The minidiscs these were recorded on are currently in the trash.

Nonetheless, here's a great show!! I think I got everybody in the CAO.

All tunes are by Arthur Blythe unless otherwise noted.