August 8, 1993
Palomino Club
North Hollywood,CA

Rick Williams Master Audience Cassette > CDR > EAC > Flac Level 7

Alone Again Or
Girl On Fire
Orange Skies
My Little Red Book
Signed D.C.
Singing Cowboy
That's The Way It Goes*
L.A. Caloca*
Everybody's Gotta Live/Instant Karma*
You Mind & We Belong Together
7 & 7 Is
A House Is Not A Motel

*-Arthur Lee solo acoustic

That is a fresh transfer from the master tape. Taper was Rick Williams. He says that this date is correct, but I have a show labeled 9-19-93 and it's the same show minus the last 3 songs. Mike's diary, entry for 9-19, I think may confuse this issue. The whole thing about John Sterling being there and all. (which he is on this show) He may be refering back to 8-8 and not actually talking about 9-19. I don't know, but Rick said he wrote the date on the tape the night of the show, so I tend to go with that