Love w/ Arthur Lee
October 17, 2004
Ramshead Tavern
Annapolis, MD


SOURCE: Coresound Low Cost cardiods > coresound batt box > Sony TCD-D100 (16-44.1)
TRANSFER: Sony PCM500 Digital Co-ax > MT Microtrack II
PROCESSING: soundforge 8.0 (tracking, fades) > flac 1.7.1 > flac level 8

recorded and processed by Kubacheck
digital transfer by Popskull

01 Intro
02 A House Is Not A Motel
03 Alone Again Or
04 7 And 7 Is
05 Old Man
06 The Red Telephone
07 Bummer In The Summer
08 You Set The Scene
09 Signed DC
10 Your Mind And We Belong Together
11 Orange Skies
12 Everybody's Gotta Live
13 My Flash On You
14 My Little Red Book
15 Singing Cowboy
16 Live And Let Live
17 Maybe The People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark And Hilldale

Notes: Just now starting to dig into my "archives". This was a great show, and despite using the
Coresound low cost mic's, a very good recording. Had to borrow those mic's because my previous
microphones died, and I hadn't yet gotten up the money to get the 4061's I'm using now. But the
Coresounds do pretty well if you're in the right spot, which I was, so I think folks will like
this. I know of one other taper that was there, but I've never seen his or any other recordings
of this show "out there", so I thought I'd get this one out. Many thanks to Popskull for the
fresh digital transfer.