Ashley Hutchings 50th Birthday Bash - songs not on the CD, Mill Theatre Banbury England 1995-03-04 cassette masters reseed FLAC

Sony mic/Sony Pro Walkman to MZ-RH1 MD/Sonic Stage to wav/adobe audition >Tracks>fades>Flac 8
Checksum files done in Traders Little Helper

These are the performances not on The Guv'nor's Big Birthday Bash CD issued after the event, which make up an additional 92 minutes of great music. I'll leave it up to downloaders to decide where to split the tracks for 2 CDs.

This was a great evening about which Ashley knew nothing until it was all fixed and finalised!

01 Banter/Current Albion Band introductions
02 Crocodile
03 New St George
04 Snow falls
05 Banter/introduction to Albion Morris Men
06 Rigs of Marlow/The Princess Royal/Clog dance/The Rose
07 Early 80s Albion Band introductions
08 Wolfe
09 Seaside Shuffle
10 Banter
11 Always Chasing Rainbows
12 Banter
13 Dancing Under the Rose
14 Kitty come down the lane
15 Yellow dress
16 Banter
17 FBI
18 Banter
19 Poor old horse/Happy Birthday
20 The Marlin jig
21 Banter
21 Upton upon Severn stick dance - Albion Morris
22 Who knows where the time goes

Who played what and who sang??

Concertina Dave Whetstone

Drums Michael Gregory
Trevor Foster

Fiddle Phil Beer
Ric Sanders
Tom Leary

Guitar Chris While
Julie Matthews
Phil Beer
Simon Nicol

Bass Ashley Hutchings

Guitar Graeme Taylor
Phil Beer

Keyboards Julie Matthews
Maartin Allcock

Melodeon Simon Care

Mandocello Dave Whetstone

Saxophone Pete Zorn

Vocals Ashley Hutchings
Chris While
Graeme Taylor
Julie Matthews
Phil Beer
Polly Bolton
Simon Nicol
Vikki Clayton
Diane Walmisley
Elaine Morgan

Whistle Pete Zorn

Bagpipes Jean-Pierre Rasle

Morris dancing Albion Morris