Ashray - Dec. 18, 2015 - The Scarfish Session

1. Improvisation #1
2. Improvisation #2
3. Improvisation #3
4. Improvisation #4
5. Improvisation #5

Rec Info: Zoom H2 (WAV 44/16) -> FLAC (Level 6)

Ashray is an improvisational psychedelic jam band consisting of....

Will Isbey - Guitar, Synthesizers
Jeff Archer - Guitar, Synthesizers
Aaron Rivera - Bass, Synthesizers
Nick Krause - Drums

"The Scarfish Session" feature 5 psychelicious improvised jams recorded on Dec. 18, 2015 at Will Isbey's home studio in Detroit, MI. All tracks were recorded live
with a Zoom H2 digital microphone. As with all Ashray recordings this is not an official release.

More information about Ashray can be found here....

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