Steve Howe: guitar
John Wetton: bass and vocals
Geoff Downes: keyboards
Carl Palmer: drums

N.Y.C. New York U.S.A.
May 2, 1982
quality: B+, it's a good one
runtime: 83:59 (minutes/seconds)

1: time again 5:43
2: one step closer 4:38
3: without you 5:39
4: mood for a day > 4:24
5: clap (guitar solo) 5:55
6: midnight sun 7:02
7: only time will tell 5:08
8: the smile has left your eyes 3:19
9: cutting it fine (with keyboard solo) 9:49
10: wildest dreams 5:27
11: here comes the feeling (with drum solo) 12:33
12: 1st encore: sole survivor 7:45
13: 2nd encore: heat of the moment 6:31
audience recording, unknown low gen. (maxell XLII 90 min.) cassette >
played on nak. 125 into soundforge (wav) > flac > torrentially yours.
first seeded in May of 2009. reseeded in 2014 with this very meager excuse
for lineage description, and a flac > wav > flac (sb's aligned) reconversion
to remove the sbe's.
Do not sell this recording.
Share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.

this is a very nice recording- good mikes/ deck/ recording position.
John says this is the 9th concert of the debut tour of Asia, and other
than having trouble hitting that high note one time in Sole Survivor,
he sounded good in this show, as did the rest of the band.
the 1st track fades in, just a few seconds missing, all the other songs
in here are complete. the source recording had a few interruptions between songs,
I have spliced it to make it a seamless recording.
I'm not sure which song (s) Howe plays in track 4, but I bet this band would
have been called "U.K." if not for Allan Holdsworth, Wetton, Eddie Jobson and
Bill Bruford already grabbing that name in 1978.
or maybe they just wanted to be as big as Asia (the continent).
nice try, didn't quite pan out, but for regurgitated 70's rockers playing in
the 80's, Asia was considered one of the "supergroups" of the decade, and this
tour had its (heat of the) moments. I thought it was far better than any that
followed later from this group.
disc 2 can start with track 9 or 12, or 13 if you prefer.