Asia (Geoff Downes and John Payne)
Interview in Japan, ca 1992-1993.

Approx Running Time: 22 minutes

Some interesting questions from the Japanese interviewer who "has obviously done his homework" at least according to John. Some time is taken up in the translation.

source: cass > PC (Soundblaster card 16 bit 44khz) > CD-R > WAV (iTunes secure mode) > FLAC 8

I got a parcel of cassettes some years ago from a dedicated Asia collector who was trimming his collection. In 2002 I used a Fostex 4-track tape deck in good condition to input these tapes into my PC and authored some CDRs for trading. Other than editing, no other work was done to the sound (no noise reduction, speed correction, etc). It is very likely that lower generation sources exist in the trading pool, but I have not seen them in over 5 years of actively looking.

I am looking for any and all Asia material, especially:
* the 82-83 studio demos and outtakes in a lossless form!
* "Turn It Around" Dutch promo single (Bullet Proof Records, 1996, Holland, IRS 988.206)
* I am also looking for Icehouse material, live shows, rare tracks, etc.
If you can help, contact me at erik_1099 at yahoo dot com.

Please do not convert to lossy formats like mp3 except for personal use. Please do not sell.
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