Bergen Performing Arts Center, Englewood, NJ
Gravitas Tour
September 27, 2014

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Mastered by Raven

This is Asia's second New York City area performance featuring new guitarist Sam Coulson to tour and promote their 2014 album
Gravitas. Having attended, and recorded, the previous week's performance at B.B. King Blues Club in New York City, it was
good to see, and hear, Asia in a theater with a stage and sound system worthy of their musicianship and music. Not only was their
performance as tight, and musically resonant as you'd expect it to be, while it did not feature the signature sound of Steve Howe's
guitar work, with the inclusion of the songs off of the Astra album, this gig was reminicent of those played with Pat Thrall and Mandy
Meyer. As always both Carl and Geoff were consumate professionals and their extended solos only added to the excellence of the music.
The only way to describe John Wetton's vocals here is ethreal, and despite the past battles he'd fought, and won, his singing and
bass playing were those of the man he'd been when he was less than half that age.

With John's passing this past January 31, 2017, in honor of his impact in our world as a musician, and as a man, I will be releasing new
masters of the East Coast, New York City area shows I've recorded by him solo in 1997 and 1998, as well as those of Asia from 2008 to
this last one in 2014.

Please share freely but do not convert to mp3 or any other lossy types of files. Enjoy!

Set Lists

01 Intro
02 Sole Survivor
03 Wildest Dreams
04 Face On The Bridge
05 Time Again
06 Valkyrie
07 Finger On The Trigger
08 I Know How You Feel
09 Voice of America
10 The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

Set 2
11 An Extraordinary Life
12 Gravitas
13 Keyboard Solo
14 Days Like These
15 Go
16 Don't Cry
17 Drum Solo
18 Only Time Will Tell
19 Open Your Eyes
20 Heat of the Moment

A Conan1982 & Sir Eric Blair McCartney Recording

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