Asko Ensemble - Zappa 1999 06 25 Amsterdam 34:53 FM MC (Chunga's Revenge)

Asko Ensemble
1999 06 25, Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Music Of Zappa, Nancarrow, Ives and Varèse.
From the Concertgebouw summer 1999 series American Adventures.
"Frank Zappa and the Fathers of Invention".
Broadcast: Radio 4, 1999 09 01

Presented here the Frank Zappa part only.

Sound quality is excellent.

In my recording a cut occures in the beginning of Dupree's Paradise. Yojimbo kindly provided a 15 seconds fill for this.

FM radio broadcast (analogue) > Denon DRM710 3-Head > TDK SA 90 MC > SoundForge 6.0 wav tracking and editing > CD-R > Sound Blaster Live! 24 bit > SF 6.0 wav files > SF 6.0 editing, normalizing 0dB, speed correction -20cts, merging patch > Flac Frontend level 8 flac files > you

Lineage fill:
FM radio broadcast (analogue) > 1st gen FM tape > CDR > EAC > wav > SoundForge > FLAC Frontend lvl 7 flac file > CR
SoundForge 6.0 wav file, speed correction +13cts, normalizing -1,4dB, extracting patch and merging to main body

Taped, Transferred and Edited by: Chunga's Revenge
Fill provided by: Yojimbo
Speed Correction Advices: flambay
Uploaded 2007 12 15 at Dime by: chungasreven = Chunga's Revenge

Asko Ensemble - Stefan Asbury (conductor)

Frank Zappa part only:

01. Bebop Tango
02. Get Whitey
03. Dupree's Paradise (fill 00.30,603-00.46,210)
04. The Perfect Stranger
05. G-Spot Tornado

Let's hope a version of the entire concert shows up in the very near future...
I've seen this show live and it was great. It's nice to hear FZ performed between those other modern composers.


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