Asleep at the Wheel
Wembley Arena


Fm B.B.C. broadcast , JVC tape, Nerowave, Traders little helper, FLAC

1 miles and miles of texas
2 route 66
3 san antonio rose
4 roly poly
5 chattanooga choo choo
6 mama's going to hear you
7 blues stay away from me
8 hot rod lincoln
9 string of pars
10 shout wha hey
11 aint nobody here but us chickens
12 am i high
13 house of blue lights ( tape join )
14 boogie back to texas
15 cotton eyed joe


texas1 @ HC (Jim):There is some tape hiss and noise on this, however, this does not detract from the music, anyone willing to
clean it up is welcome.

#34532 by TheHagMan (User) at 2008-01-27 23:05:36 GMT

Many Thanks for this Jim!

Looks great - and brings back a lot of memories. I saw this concert, and I got the album "10" autographed by the band, so I think this was actually 1990.

ljs_54 note: Jim seemed to think this was from a festival - maybe something like the Mid Summer Music Festival if it was still going on in 1990, although I think that would have been at the old Wembley Stadium, not the Empire Pool (Wembley Arena).