Asleep At The Wheel 40th Anniversary
Long Center
Austin, TX

Recording Location: about the 10th row, right side
Recording Info: Audience->Sonic DSM-6S/L->Sonic PA-3SX->MT2496->cdwav to flac->flexible renamer->foobar2000 live show tagger->Traders Little Helper-Dime 2010-11-11->uploaded by doodahmon
recorded by seedy
keep on truckin'

This is the second set of the night. The first set was an all-star cast from Asleep At The Wheel's forty year career. Technical difficulties prevented the first set being recorded from this source.

01. intro recorded audio of Well Wishes from Charlie Daniels, Bonnie Raitt, Huey Lewis,??, George Strait, Rodney Crowell,?,Terry Lickona, Paul Schaeffer
02. It's A Good Day
03. Willie Intro
04. Whiskey River
05. Still Is Still Moving To Me
06. Funny How Time Slips Away
07. Crazy
08. Nightlife
09. Pancho And Lefty
10. Always On My Mind
11. Write Your Own Songs
12. Hesitation Blues
13. Corrine Corrina
14. Truck Driver's Blues
15. Right Or Wrong
16. Nuages
17. Sitting On Top Of The World
18. Hello You Pretty Woman
19. Sweet Jennie Lee
20. Bring It On Down To My House
21. On The Road Again
22. Happy Trails To You
23. Texas Playboy Theme

this is the congratulation transcript i heard rodney crowell say after multiple listenings and my slow typing:
hey everybody i'm rodney crowell, and i want to pay my respects to asleep at the wheel and congratulate them on forty years in the music business, their fortieth anniversary. With all due respect to the musicians who have been in the band in recent years my time of traveling with asleep at the wheel goes back to the day of lee roy preston, chris o connell, lucky o, floyd domino, tony garnier, and of course that one constant ray benson. when i think of ray, i have to think of spade cooley, commander cody, and bob wills all rolled in to one. but ray benson is truly his own man and a legend in the music business. i love asleep at the wheel. i want to claim thirty eight years of fandom. congratulation on your fortieth anniversary. i want to see forty more.

i wish i could list all the great musicians who were on stage. at one point i counted 30. most of the time there were about 15 to twenty.

enjoy and makes lots of copies to give to your new and old friends.