Desertfest Berlin 2016
Astra, Berlin, Germany
April - 30 - 2016
Main Stage (16:30 -> 17:15)


Rec. Info:
Zoom H2 (with internal mics @ WAV 16/44) -> Memorycard -> HD -> Memorystick (added with pics) -> Snailmail -> my HD -> Audacity (edit/remaster) -> WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME ->
YOUR EARS AND Stoner Heaven...
All recordings by the dear LORD from around the glorious town of NAERMBERCH, Frankonia. Sound quality differs a bit from tape to tape due to different position and...the two stages.
I've never been to Astra in Berlin, so I can't judge about the location, but on the first day, our dear Lord was "ripped off" his camera equipment by security,, so there are some shows without these
mindblowing great shots...Anyway, the recorder went in, and it's f***ing awesome to get these almost 20 recordings...

I really did dig this band from Sweden when my ears and mind came across their wonderful "Asteroid II" album some six years ago and saw them live in Bielefeld and at Freak Valley Festival
2013 after...but then...somhowe they disappeared from my radar. So it was more than a nice welcome back for me, when I listened to this CRIMINALLY SHORT show. It's a shame that the trend
towards those overBANDed festivals seems common these days. I'm a strong supporter of the opposite. Less bands - longer playing time for each...
Anyway this is great Heavy 70's retro psychedelic bluesrock, even if only for some 40+ minutes...Enjoy! SB.

FULL SHOW (42:45 min.)

01. ... (6:54)
02. ... (3:53)
03. ... (3:37)
04. ... (6:57)
05. Garden -> (4:25)
06. ... (4:50)
07. Disappear -> Lady (12:05)

Sorry, no setlist...please help if you know...

Support this great band, go to their shows, buy all the merch your bluesmobile can carry.
Do not convert to lossy files, unless for personal use only. No lossy net use! Flac rules!
If you spread keep lineage/taper info intact. It's us tapers that give you this recording for free!
If you sell (this recording)...go straight to hell!


Robin Hirse - Vocals & Guitar
Johannes Nilsson - Vocals & Bass
Elvis Campbell - Drums

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