The Asylum Street Spankers
Ken's Bar
Madison, WI
Late Show

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Equipment used and lineage are unknown.

01 Intro
02 Some of These Days
03 Monkey Rag
04 Beer
05 Blade Of Grass
06 Can't You Tell
07 Breathin'
08 Antifreeze
09 Since I Met You Baby
10 Got My Mojo Workin'
11 Hick Hop
12 Wer Ist Da?
13 Draggin' The Bow
14 Whatever (incomplete)
15 The Minor Waltz
16 The Scrotum Song
17 Mah Na Mah Na
18 If You Love Me (You'll Sleep On The Wet Spot)

Christina Marrs: vocals,guitar,banjo,uke,musical saw
Wammo: vocals,harmonica,washboard
Stanley Smith: vocals,guitar,clarinet
Nevada Newman: vocals,guitars
Korey Simeone: vocals,fiddle,guitar
PB Shane: bass
Paul Schlichting: drums