Asylum Street Spankers

Casbeer's Church

San Antonio, Texas
November 27, 2010

Farewell Tour

source:[MATRIX]:SBD+StereoApexCondenserMICS[onstage]>MarantzCDR420[44.1kHz, 16bitWAV]>FLAC[Xact]
taped by joshua cain

00. Everybody Loves My Baby

01. Everybody Loves My Baby
02. Jesus Walking On The Water
03. Lee Harvey
04. last San Antonio show
05. Never Goin' Back
06. sightseeing
07. Wake And Bake >Those Were The Days
08. I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water
09. intro to:
10. She Text Me Goodbye
11. Make It Rain
12. Monkey Rag
13. Ludicrous Heart
14. intro to:
15. My Baby In The CIA
16. stage banter
17. Asylum Street Blues
18. banter, intro to:
19. Sidekick
20. shots arrive
21. The Swan
22. Love Cats
23. human centipede
24. Breathin'
25. Why Do It Right?
26. Sugar In My Bowl
27. My Favorite Record (Wammo favorites)
28. encore applause
29. intro to:
30. Fuck Work
31. intro to:
32. Be My Enabler
33. The Drunken Sailor

Christina Marrs: vocals,guitar,banjo,ukelele,musical saw
Charlie King: vocals,banjo,mandoline,guitar,harmonica, cell phone solo
Nevada Newman: vocals,guitar
Shawn Dean: fiddle,guitar
Trevor Smith: banjo,mandoline,guitar
Mark Henne: drums

Morgan Patrick Thompson: bass