Atlanta Rhythm Section
Western Carolina University
Cullowhee, NC

Incomplete Show



1. Champagne Jam (fades in for just a snippet of the end of the song)
2. I'm Not Gonna Let it Bother Me Tonight
3. Born Ready
4. Do it or Die
5. Large Time
6. Imaginary Lover
7. Spooky
8. Another Man's Woman


9. Rocky Raccoon
10. Georgia Rhythm
11. So Into You
12. Long Tall Sally (fades out)

Original notes:

I offered to transfer the cassette "master" to CDR for someone. The guy got the cassette from somebody who was the sound tech for ARS at the time.

Unfortunately, it is incomplete, but AFAIK, this is the only source, and I have never circulated it.

The quality is excellent, but I can't comment on if there are any issues beyond some odd indexing.

ljs_54 notes: I took the volume up in some places, mostly in the between song chatter, which was hard to hear at times. Also took out a couple of very minor glitches, nothing which impacted the music.

There aren't many setlists up on db.etree but based on what's available, I would say most of what is missing is the bulk of Champagne Jam and whatever came before - most likely any combination of Back Up Against The Wall,
Angel, and Sky High.

Hard to say if anything came after Long Tall Sally but there was a track after it in the Belmont Park 1978 setlist called Boogie Smoogie, off the "Dog Days" album. I guess it's a possibility.

Files are sbeok.