ATOMIC (Broo, Ljungkvist, Wiik, Flaten, Nilssen-Love) 2002-07-02 Pizza Express, London (TomP reseed w/ mp3-sample)

(Broo, Ljungkvist, Wiik, Flaten, Nilssen-Love)
(jul 2, 2002)
Pizza Express
London, UK

"BOOM BOOM" - tour

fm recording in a fantastic "A+" quality by TomP
FM > CD-RW (Panasonic 609) direct > EAc > Nero 8 (edit) > TLH (flac6 + SBE/decode check)
aired by british BBC 'Jazz on 3' on 2002-09-22
sound sample provided in comments section

liner notes by TomP:
"this is the second half of the 'Jazz on 3' Scandinavian Acoustic Double Bill,
opened by the great Kornstad Trio.
It was recorded on an unusually good night for FM reception and is about as good as quality gets
for that medium. I did the usual phase correction and balance offset correction and it does
sound really good now."

1. Feets From Above 9:26
2. Everyone Is Dancing Samba To Silent Music 13:55
3. Longing For Martin 7:57
4. Boom Boom 12:14

total time 43:34 min.

Magnus Broo - trumpet
Fredrik Ljungkvist- sax
H�vard Wiik - piano
Ingebrigt H�ker Flaten - bass
Paal Nilssen-Love - drums

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