December 10, 2006
The Underground
Hickory, NC

01. tuning
02. Ice Pick Freek
03. tuning
04. STD
05. tuning
06. The Destroyer
07. tuning
08. Maybe I'm A Leo [Deep Purple]
09. tuning
10. So Come On
11. long break/tuning
12. Gettin' Old
13. Astronomy Domine
14. Stork Theme
15. The Monolith Problem [Core]
16. Force Field
17. banter
18. Hey Alright
19. Shit Kicker
20. Birth To The Earth

Source: Soundboard > MD-Recorder

Lineage: MD(analog out) > PC > WAV > CDR(0) > FLAC

Taper: TD3

Notes: Recording is a board tape to minidisc. I was running sound and taping this evening. And wouldn't you know it? I was just getting the sound dialed in when his guitar amp quits working. So the really long track on here is us trying to figure his guitar amp out. Eventually, we plug him into a DI and have him play the rest of the show like so. Obviously, there is a drastic tone difference in the guitar, but he was able to make it through the rest of the show. So, out of the minidisc analog out to computer, edited and masterd on PC, export to 16 bit WAV, burned to CD. CD ripped to WAV on internet computer with windows media player, upload to archive. Lossless and straight from the source.