Up in Smoke Vol. 2
Piano, Dortmund, Germany
April - 13 - 2011
Act # 4 - Headliner

It's a SPACEBANDIT, so you're in there
and this time out too early...

Rec. Info:
OKM2R->ZoomH2 (WAV 16/44)->SD->HD->Soundengine (edit/remaster)->WAV->TLH8->FLAC->DIME->
YOUR EARS AND MIND. Recorded by yours truly sitting comfortably on a barstool, equipment
on a bartable at app. 4 meters center stage. Have I told you lately, I love taping that way?
Some pics included.

The headlining act of this fabulous package tour. What to say? My least favourite of all four
bands. There's nothing wrong about the first half of the show, but that endless directionless
long tune at the end pulled my tooth. Sorry I've aborted the recording, cause if I was to
known that there's just a few minutes more, and those mainly filled with a really fine version
of PINK FLOYD's "Pigs" (from my favourite PF album), I wouldn't have done it. Sorry again,
but as the band left the stage after track # 8 I thought I was in a bad movie. How come a
headlining act to pull off the stage, even more to the fact that almost half the audience had
left before or during their performance. Ok, maybe an encore, or they are pissed off too much.
But what came was an 20+ min. nervkilling instrumental, which I guess, you can only stand under
the influence of some mindblowing substances. I was not, cause I had to drive.
Anyway, some of you might love this kind of music, which I'd named "Grim Kingson Metal" for
myself. But just get your own view of it. SB

PARTIAL SHOW ONLY (51:16 min.)

01. Stork theme -> (2:26)
02. Shit kicker (3:45)
03. So come on (4:19)
04. The destroyer (3:41)
05. Giant (3:35)
06. Kiss the sun (3:57)
07. Getting old (4:10)
08. I hope you die/Crowd (5:55)
09. The local fuzz-Side A (/) (18:28)

again thanks to dime brother/friend fliederchris for the setlist from his COMPLETE posting
of the MARBURG 2011/04/12 show.

TAB - 2011-04-13_t01.flac:10b8b19e836535225d92e254c08a97ab
TAB - 2011-04-13_t02.flac:70004a41dc7d9aab740d3d6e5a56a405
TAB - 2011-04-13_t03.flac:0728070ed54696fc6e13ef91d6588823
TAB - 2011-04-13_t04.flac:877da0197a86d65e5d5a256ff24c7e12
TAB - 2011-04-13_t05.flac:9e6bb81425e575eb5fe2cfd0cb4b0e89
TAB - 2011-04-13_t06.flac:8f9526a4f3a418dc46e90e71dd5fc083
TAB - 2011-04-13_t07.flac:9a596a060de8340a9de347ff085d565d
TAB - 2011-04-13_t08.flac:57dc1d34411ed934a3faee20f78e4d8c
TAB - 2011-04-13_t09.flac:1d894273561cb49dd0d94d68a455aedf

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edd1f1f25b8ef6cee1cd65882b092dd5 *TAB - 2011-04-13_t03.flac
2384a9eefc7337dda67cf674c2e2afb1 *TAB - 2011-04-13_t04.flac
bbcc7f833d7e0f8fd4b9c5ac3cb4bf9c *TAB - 2011-04-13_t05.flac
64038d0880d44ec3e92fc7cd595158e6 *TAB - 2011-04-13_t06.flac
e364ab1a7f05155698d665fb68700445 *TAB - 2011-04-13_t07.flac
418ec5f245f3a0b3717b5d707e3f8647 *TAB - 2011-04-13_t08.flac
0a91ff1989778cdd464d1a5c1223fd55 *TAB - 2011-04-13_t09.flac
42149bf3bd7c8a37f35b3557ad08abdb *the txt of ATOMIC BITCHWAX 2011-04-13 DORTMUND.txt
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