Aunt Mary - Benefit Concert For The People Of South East Asia,
Sarpsborg, Norway 2005-01-08

This was my first bootleg recording ever. I was only a teenager and had no idea about recording whatsoever. I only knew that I dug Aunt Mary and that I wanted to capture this show. Jan Groth, their frontman, was my teacher for several years, and we became friends outside the classroom as well. I was deeply saddened to learn of his passing a few weeks ago, aged 68.

This was a benefit concert, hastily arranged, to raise money for the victims of the 2004 tsunami in South Eas Asia. Among the other acts was Lars Beckstr�m from DeLillos. I got his autograph on a piece of cardboard (I thought he was super famous), I remember he wrote "Have a nice summer!" even though this was in January... Anyway, I remember talking to Jan prior to the show about recording it, and he said it was OK. The whole thing went on for more than three hours and I got it all, but I was mostly interested in Aunt Mary's set. I got a line directly from the mixer and plugged into my laptop and recorded it with some kind of recording software (can't remember what I had @ the time, definetely some kind of freeware). I had never heard of "lossless" or anything like it, so the capture was made in 192 kbit/sek mp3. I don't know why, but there's a lot of static in the recording, but it's mostly troublesome during talking parts between the songs. The songs themselves are on fire and sounds really good. However, if anybody out there has any idea how to remove the static, please do, or let me know how to do it.

I present to you here the three tracks Aunt Mary played this evening, in the same format as they were recorded. No other source is available.0 They're living proof of the great singer and musician Jan Groth was, and I hope they can bring you all some joy... He will be deeply missed.

01 Intro
02 How Do You Know?
03 Tobacco Road
04 Rosalind

Jan Groth: vocals/guitar
Bj�rn "Krisa" Christiansen: guitar
Ketil Stensvik: drums
Svein Gundersen: bass

P.S. For those of you who don't already know - Aunt Mary was Norway's first heavy rock band. They recorded a handfull of LP's in the early 70's and were quite successfull in Norway, France and Denmark. They were heavily inspired by American blues, and recorded a pure blues album during a reunion in 1993. They were reunited on several occasions over the years in the South-Eastern part of Norway, and played several sold-out shows @ Verdensspeilet in Fredrikstad during the winter of 2012 (one of which have been upped here before).