The Australian Pink Floyd Show
2012.04.04 - The Anvil Theatre, Basingstoke, UK


Lineage: Zoom H1 WAV> Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 17 deluxe
(track markers, export to flac)> TLH SBE's fixed & checksums

Notes: Position was dead centre 14 rows back from stage,
there was way too much bass, but I was surprised how well
this came out considering. I was expecting the WAV to be
distorted but though it peaked quite often (I only used
a level 20 recording limit) I don't hear any clipping.
For Run Like Hell the bag had to go on the floor so its
'heavier', not a bad thing!

Other than cuts at the start and finish, of me pressing
the record button, this has not been touched, as I say I
didn't think it needed to be.

Disc 1
1) Intro
2) In The Flesh
3) Take It Back
4) Sorrow
5) Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
6) What Do You Want From Me
7) High Hopes
8) Sheep
9) Another Brick In The Wall (pt2)

Disc 2
10) Part 2 Intro
11) Shine On You Crazy Diamond
12) Astronomy Domine
13) Time
14) The Great Gig In The Sky
15) The Fletcher Memorial Home
16) Keep Talking
17) Us and Them
18) Wish You Were Here
19) One Of These Days
20) Comfortably Numb
21) Run Like Hell

Steve Mac (Guitar/ Vocals)
Colin Wilson ( Bass/ Vocals)
Jason Sawford (Keyboards)
Paul Bonney (Drums)
David Domminney Fowler (Guitar/Vocals)
Alex McNamara (Vocals)
Mike Kidson (saxophonist)
Lorelei McBroom (Lead and Backing Vocals)
Emily Lynn (backing vocals)
Lara smiles (backing vocals)

Hope you enjoy
leadfoot 2012.04.06