Excellent sound from this concert of contemporary music from the mid-60s.
Berio's Sequenza V for virtuoso trombonist was commissioned by Dempster, for those followers of Berio. This is the premiere performance.
Seeing this performance was no doubt entertaining, Dempster using things like a bucket of water in the Cage piece (of course). I found the Erikson piece good--as was expected--and the piece co-composed by Oliveros was much better than I expected--usually not a fan of the woman. Enjoy!

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Avant-Garde Trombone Studio Concert
Item Type: Sound Recording
Duration: 105 min
Event Type: Music
Program Origin: KPFA

Stuart Dempster, principal trombonist of the Oakland Symphony, and faculty member at the San Francisco Conservatory and California State College, presents a recital of six premiers, including three works commissioned by himself. This concert was held on June 24, 1966 at the San Francisco Tape Music Center. The concert is announced by Charles Boone, composer and officer of the Composers' Forum. During the intermission he interviews Mr. Dempster, who discusses his instrument and his commissions. Composer Robert Erickson is also interviewed, and he discusses his teaching as well as his music. This is a good recording of a fine concert of avant-garde music.

Part 1 of 2:
Musical Selections:
Changes: In Open Style, for trombone and magnetic tape (1965) / Larry Austin
Solo, for sliding trombone (1957-58) / John Cage
Ricercar 5 (1966) / Robert Erickson

Performers: Stuart Dempster, trombone

Genres: Avant-Garde; Electro-Acoustic / Electronic

Subject: Trombone music; Avant-garde (Music) ; Improvisation (Music); Electro-acoustic; Electronic music

People: Dempster, Stuart; Austin, Larry; Cage, John; Erickson, Robert, 1917-1997; Boone, Charles

Recording Date: 6/24/1966
First Broadcast Date: 8/11/1966

Part 2 of 2:
Musical Selections:
Sequenza V, for solo trombone (1966) / Luciano Berio
Theater Piece, for trombone player, garden hoses, & tape (1966) / Pauline Oliveros & Elizabeth Harris
Sonata, for solo trombone / Barney Childs

Performers: Stuart Dempster, trombone

Genre: Avant-Garde

Subject: Trombone music; Sonatas (Trombone); Electro-acoustic; Electronic music; Avant-garde (Music) ; Improvisation (Music); Performance art

People: Dempster, Stuart; Boone, Charles; Berio, Luciano, 1925-2003; Oliveros, Pauline, 1932-; Harris, Elizabeth ; Childs, Barney

Recording Date: 6/24/1966
First Broadcast Date: 8/11/1966

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