The Avett Brothers
January 1st, 2010
The Fox Theatre - Atlanta, GA

Audience recording - Orch Pit Row BBB

SOURCE: Sony MZ-R700 (mini disc) with Sony ECM-DS70 mic > Total Recorder (wav) >
CDWav > FLAC Frontend > DIME > you

Just realized that I never got around to uploading this show, and I don't see it on DIME,
so here it is. This was my first Avett Bros show, and I was lucky enough to get an invite
from my friend Dr. Drew - and he just happened to have front row seats. You'll hear Scott
Avett and I talking on the very last track as he came over and shook hands with everyone
in our group as the band was leaving the stage.

The sound is fair at best (sample included), and the crowd around me was rowdy and chatty -
it was Friday night and New Year's Day to boot. Also, being that close had me below the main
speaker stacks, so again, this recording may only appeal to those at the show or completists.

Enjoy !


1, Colorshow
2. Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise
3. Shame
4. Paranoia in B-Flat Major
5. January Wedding
6. Slight Figure of Speech
7. Tin Man
8. Go to Sleep
9. Please Pardon Yourself
10. I Killed Sally’s Lover
11. Murder in the City
12. And it Spread
13. Weight of Lies
14. The Perfect Space
15. I and Love and You
16. Will You Return
17. Bella Donna
18. Kick Drum Heart
19. crowd
20. Laundry Room
21. Talk on Indolence
22. Scott comes over and we thank him for the great show ...