The Avett Brothers

Church Audio CA 14 Cardioids > Sony RH1 (PCM-mode) > Hi-MD > Sonic Stage > wav > Audacity (level adjustments, trackmarking, a little leveller for loud clapping) > TLH > flac level 8

recorded 8 m from stage slightly to the right

TRT: 108:02 min

01. intro
02. And It Spread
03. The New Love Song
04. Head Full Of Doubt
05. Down With The Shine
06. Go To Sleep
07. I Never Knew You
08. Reno Lament *
09. Paul Newman vs. The Demons
10. No Place To Fall **
11. In The Curve #
12. Through My Prayers #
13. I Would Be Sad
14. Live And Die
15. Laundry Room
16. > I Killed Sally's Lover
17. At The Beach
18. Pretty Girl From Michigan
19. Kick Drum Heart
20. > Geraldine
21. If It's The Beaches

- encore -
22. Talk On Indolence
23. Life

* Buck Owens cover
** Townes van Zandt cover
# acoustic

I was waiting for a better recording but it looks like none of the usual Hamburg taper suspects was there. I've had some serious problems taping:
1) a total dropout of the right channel for the first 2 songs - replaced the right channel with a copy of the left, so that part is mono
2) intermitent bits of crackling, distortion or dropout of the right channel from minute 48 onwards, had again to replace about 50 bits of o,2 sec to a couple of minutes with the left channel - so basically about 1/3 of this recording is mono
3) there was some more handling noise when I touched the jack or cables trying get the jack working properly - on both channels, but you won't notice too much of that
4) the hi-md ran out during the last verse of the very last song of the main set - so I patched the last 15 instrumental secs of the song to the instrumental part before the last verse

I certainly would not have uploaded this if there'd been a better recording, but in fact there is none of any of the 2013 european shows so far.
And if you can live the the mentioned shortcomings it doesn't sound bad.
The Fabrik was not sold out, but nicely filled with a respectful and enthousiastic crowd, little chatter, unfortunately some during the 2 acoustic songs in the middle of the set.

Apart from the above mentioned repairs I lowered some excessive cheering, raised the overall levels by 2 dB, used the audacity compression (2:1 for the upper 4 dB), applied some hard limiter to close clapping and raised the levels for the 2 acoustic songs during the show and by another 3 dB afterwards - apart from that the dynamics were unchanged.

Seth Avett - vocals, guitar, banjo, piano, tambourine
Scott Avett - vocals, banjo, harmonica, guitar, piano
Bob Crawford - upright bass, electric bass, backup vocals
Joe Kwon - cello
Jacob Edwards - drums