The Avett Brothers
Outlaw Music Festival
A Pavilion in
Dallas, TX
2017-07-02 Sunday
16/44 Version

Lineage: Zoom H2 (intrnal 90 degree front mic) > Wav 24/48 > Audacity > TLH > Flac(8) 16/44


01 The D Bag Rag
02 Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise
03 Vanity
04 Murder in the City
05 Laundry Room
06 Mama Tried (Merle Haggard cover)
07 True Sadness
08 I Shall Be Released (Bob Dylan cover)
09 Ain't No Man
10 Morning Song
11 Slight Figure of Speech

The Avett Brothers took the stage after Hayes Carll and before sheryl Crow. This recording has a couple known issues. The first is in track 01 about 30 seconds in. As I was checking my levels I noticed I had a problem and the levels were no where near where they were for the previous 2 bands. The mic gain switch had been moved from Medium to low. When I switched the settings back it made a popping noise. The other issue is the wind. It does blow into the mic, but this is still a pretty good recording. This is my master recording. All I did was track it and create a md5.