Aynsley Lister Band
The Arches

Recording Info:
Church Audio CA-11 Cards -> Church Audio CA-9100 -> Edirol R09 (24/48)

Transfer Info:
Audition (fades, amplify RH channel by 1db & 24/48 -> 16/44.1) -> CD Wave (track split) -> TLH (flac level 8) No SBEs

Taped and Transferred by jamroom - JAM017


01 [04:56] Fallin' Down
02 [09:14] With Me Tonight
03 [07:21] Sometimes It Gets 2 Me
04 [04:33] Soul
05 [07:34] In The Morning
06 [06:44] Hero

The band:

Aynsley Lister - Guitar & Vocal
Jo Nichols - Bass
Rich Spooner - Drums


Support slot on the Robin Trower tour and the gig was sold out - so pretty busy. Some nice blues from Aynsley and his band, Jo and Rich. Glad I caught them. For whatever reason, the doors didn't open till 1945 (45 min late) due to the soundcheck. This meant Balls Of Steel was dropped from the set to avoid overrunning into Trower's set, as there was a curfew at the venue. I look forward to the band getting their own tour together sometime and getting to play for a bit longer.

Pretty decent sounding recording - nice clear sound - though there was some of the usual "it's only the support band" chatter during the quieter parts, though this doesn't really distract too much - only the drunken nutter shouting "what's your name" stands out. :)

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