LINEAGE-Roland R-05 /CA-11 Cardioids>USB to PC>fade in /out volume boost in Sound forge 8>Split tracks and convert to FLAC (Level 8) in CD Wave Editor.

The show was split into two sets- the first half I recorded from my allocated seat but decided to move back a few rows to the empty section. The crowd were incredibly respectful all night but the empty section allowed me to spread out a bit more.

This was one of those nights as a taper that you dream about - great band, superb new venue that has incredible sound and an audience there to listen not to talk to each other. If this one isn't my best recording ever, it's pretty damn close!! Just a tiny bit of diginoise at the start of the second set as I was re-fixing my mics- barely noticable and before the music starts up again.

If you need to burn this to audio CD then after track 7 is the obvious place as this is the end of the first set.

I first saw Aynsley a couple of years back when he opened for It Bites and he was fantastic that night so when I saw he was playing a local headline gig, it was too good an opportunity to pass up
If you don't know Aynsley Lister, then check him out here
He's touring for the rest of the year across the UK and a fair few mainland Europe dates as well- if you get the chance, go and see him/them - you will not be disappointed

1 - I'm Coming Down
2 - Early Morning Dew
3 - Running Out On Me
4 - Inside Out
5 - What's It All About?
6 - Crazy
7 - Sugar
8 - Soul
9 - Home
10 - Hero
11 - Feeling Good
12 - Hurricane
13 - In The Morning
14 - (New Song)
15 - Purple Rain