Artist: Aztec Two-Step
Date: 12/23/1976
Venue: My Father's Place
Location: Roslyn, NY

Lineage: WLIR FM Broadcast > TEAC reel to reel > Tascam CD-RW700 (to CD) > EAC > Audition 3.0 (tracking) > flac

Aztec Two-Step is an award winning folk/rock duo/band. This has always been a favorite
show of mine in the past - mellow and easy flowing.

The concert covers material from the group's first 3 albums:
Aztec Two-Step, Second Step and Two's Company.

There may be a better copy of this show available somewhere, but I have never seen
one posted anywhere. shows an Aztec Two-Step concert on 12/23/1977 with no setlist. That listing
may refer to this show. However, the announcer intro to this show mentions that they are welcoming in the year 1977.
The show is in support of the new album, "Two's Company" which has a 1976 release date.
As a result, I took the performance date of 12/23 and corrected the year. According to
an online converter, 12/23 fell on a Thursday and WLIR normally did their live
broadcasts on Tuesday. This could have been a Thursday show since it took place around
the holiday season and there may have been special broadcasts.

This recording was transferred from reel tape to digital back in the year 2000. The tape
was 23 years old at the time of transfer. Rather than EQ it to boost up the high end
I left it as is. Listen to the samples and you'll hear that the recording is still quite

Aztec Two-Step is still touring and doing shows along the east coast of the U.S. and
around New England.

01 Dance
02 Cosmos Lady
03 Up To Love
04 Faster Gun
05 Little Mama
06 Whiskey Man (applause at end cuts off)
07 Baking (Beginning is cut)
08 A Coversation In A Car
09 Finding Somebody New
10 Dancers All
11 Walking On Air
12 Killing Me
13 ?
14 (story leading into the next song)
15 Humpty Dumpty
16 The Persecution and Restoration of Dean Moriarty
17 Pajama Party
18 Going On Saturday

Vocals/Guitar - Rex Fowler
Vocals/Guitar - Neal Shulman
The Band:
Guitar - David Slade
Drums - Mark Finkelstein
Bass - David Gross
Keys - Gordon Cohen