Indianapolis, IN
Indianapolis Motor Speedway

MD(M) > CDR(2)

1. Intro
2. Planet Claire
3. Private Idaho
4. ?
5. Roam
6. Channel Z
7. Mesopotamia
8. Deadbeat Club
9. 52 Girls
10. Cosmic Thing
11. Strobelight
12. Love Shack
13. Party Out of Bounds
14. Rock Lobster

This is the headliner act for the Miller Lite Carb day fest with the B-52's
and Third Eye Blind opening. This sounds better then the Third Eye Blind set
as I moved back from the stage since a lot of people started to leave
after the Third Eye Blind set so I was able to move back to the front of the
soundboard. The only problem with this is the wind every so often

Taped with a Sharp MT290 MD with Shure Cardioid Mics SP-CMC-16

Taped by Me, Transferred by Methyl Benzoate
Don't sell or convert to MP3 unless for personal use.
Trade this out as is