B 52's - Live in Studio Jam 01 01 1978

Got here on dime some time ago. I seed it as I got it ( without any speed correction)

No artwork sorry but I know there is one.


1. Planet Claire ( incl. radio intro )
2. 52 Girls
3. 6O6O - 842
4. Devil In My Car
5. Hero Worship
6. Lava
7. Running Around
8. Dance This Mess Around
9. Rock Lobster
1O. Private Idaho
11. Strobe Light

I've decided to upload each group or artist I have in my ( big) collection in the alphabetical
order except if the Dime rules don't allow the upload (You won't find any Beatles for instance
'cause i don't have enough time to make the research...)
So I believe you'll find some interesting stuff...